Golden Years in the Golden State: Why Seniors Are Choosing Escondido

Brande Roderick

Choosing where you want to retire should be an exciting choice, not a stressful one. You have likely saved and planned for your whole life to make this transition, so finding your dream location should be your top priority. If you want the California sunshine and a small town with a serene vibe, look no further than Escondido.
Below you will find just a couple of reasons why Escondido is the perfect place in the Golden State to begin your Golden Years:

Escondido is California “Lite”

Escondido has all the Southern California charms but at a lower price tag and without all the traffic that comes with the other cities nearby, namely San Diego, Los Angeles, and Anaheim. It has none of the hustle and bustle of the larger cities - rather, people who live in Escondido enjoy a serene environment surrounded by mountains.
If you want to buy a home in SoCal, you will find Escondido is cheaper than nearby cities. The median cost of a home in San Diego, for example, is $629,000, while home in Los Angeles would run you nearly one million dollars. In contrast, the average cost of a home in Escondido is $519,000 and that is projected to climb. So buying a home could serve as an investment if you are looking to move to Escondido for the beginning stages of your retirement and then plan to move elsewhere.
The SoCal weather is a big part of the draw for Escondido. The average temperatures are some of the best you can find anywhere in the country. According to U.S. climate data, the annual high temperature is 77.5°F while the annual low-temperature 52.6°F. Such comfortable temperatures lend themselves to overall comfortable quality of life.

Escondido is a Senior Housing Haven

If you are more interested in moving into a senior housing facility than buying a home, you have many options in Escondido. There are a wide variety of assisted living facilities in the area, each offering their own range of amenities. Seniors who have health issues, or those who believe they may develop health or mobility issues in the future, are perfect candidates for assisted living facilities. Staff can help you with activities of daily living - ranging from medication management to housekeeping. Assisted living communities to take care of all the details so you can spend more time enjoying friends, family, and hobbies without the stressors of owning a home.

Escondido Wants Seniors to Feel Supported

When people move to a new area, it is nice to have support and a central place to go to look for answers. Escondido has you covered in that department. The city has a Senior Services Council whose mission is to bring everyday support and amenities to local seniors. Among the activities and services offered are:
  • Taxi vouchers for medical-related appointments
  • Computer classes designed especially for seniors
  • AARP Smart Drivers Program
  • Tax assistance and notary services
  • Health insurance counseling
  • Health screening services, including dental, breathing, and hearing screening
  • Support groups, including groups for Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, polio and mental illness
Additionally, the Park Avenue Community Center, which is home to the Escondido Senior Center, offers all kinds of programs and fun activities to keep you feeling engaged with the community and having a good time. Some of the amenities they offer include:
  • Morning coffee and conversation held in the Joslyn lounge
  • A big auditorium for weekly dances, Bingo, exercise, and meetings
  • Tournament-quality shuffleboard courts.
  • A library complete with softcover and hardcover books, a reference section, daily newspapers, and a large print type viewer
  • A billiards room with 6 pool tables
  • A thrift shop, which is run entirely by senior volunteers
  • The Park Avenue Café dining room for daily lunch offerings
  • A Nutrition Program with daily van service to facilitate transportation
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • A resource office
  • A drop site for Meals-on-Wheels, where volunteers can pick up hot meals to deliver to homebound or frail, elderly seniors.


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