Temecula Valley Wine Country Is NOW

Brande Roderick

There are certain types of flora in the world that require destruction to see it regrow anew. Fynbos is fire-adapted vegetation that requires regular burning for its persistence. And, in the absence of fire, Fynbos is gradually replaced by the thicket.
What happened in the 1990s to Temecula’s winemakers is of similar description.
If you speak to any wine enthusiasts about Southern California wine you might find their opinions undivided in their disapproval of the area's wine. But this stigma ages itself back to the pre-1990 days when that particular argument probably held some weight. It was during the 90s that wine growers were forced to make a decision: adapt or die. After an insect species ravaged more than 40% of all the agricultural land in the area, winemakers came to an agreement that they had to up their game with how they were making their wine.
These days you’ll find many Temecula winemakers working together with each other to produce some of the highest quality wines in California. Temecula winemakers are determined to challenge the longstanding belief that the region is only good for bachelorette limo tasting tours and subpar wine and have invested in the most sophisticated machinery to produce the best wines they can along with planting more Italian, Rhone, and Spanish varietals suited to Temecula's Mediterranean climate.
Temecula Valley wines have been rated, most often by Wine Enthusiast. The publication has reviewed 80 Temecula wines in the last two years with nearly half the wines receiving scores of 90 points or higher, which is a few bars higher than the scores they received during the dismal pre-90s era.
People have been learning quickly about Temecula Valley’s change in fortune and resultantly land prices have risen dramatically over the area. With the wine quality still trending on an upwards curve, Temecula Valley’s attractive elements have been a magnet for those wanting to improve their lifestyles in an affordable way.
You’ll even find homeowners moving into attractive estates with already established grapevines to make and sell their own wine. Prices for these types of places range anywhere between $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 and are some of the most impressive places to live in Southern California for that sort of price range.
We’re even selling a few of these types of properties; take look at this gem!
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