Why California is all about the Ranch lifestyle

Brande Roderick

Ever considered throwing in the townhouse keys and just replacing them with a brand new set fit for a king? And no, we’re not talking about the keys to exotic castles, manors, or mansions - or any place of royalty, for that matter. What we are talking about however is the lifestyle of living on a ranch and how that is fast becoming seen as the modern day way of living like royalty in California.
Right now, we’re in the process of selling a ranch home in Gazelle, CA which has a front door that looks like it could have been taken from a vintage 10th century castle. It is absolutely breathtaking and, in a way, characteristic of what you can expect to find with ranches in California which are very often described as full of vibrance and colorful personality. Generally speaking, ranch homes are not you typical run-of-the-mill type of home. But if you’re looking for peace and tranquility, you will be well rewarded for exploring your options in this genre.
Escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but still, feel central.
Kids lead a more active life outdoors. Kids who spend more time outdoors are on average happier than kids who spend less time outdoors. And what’s more, exercise seems to happen more ‘organically’ for those living on ranches. It becomes easier stepping outside for a stroll when you don’t have to worry as much about your kids stepping out onto a busy main road. Invariably you won’t have to hop in your car just to drive to a place where you can get some exercise. In Temecula, there are plenty of areas to live where you’re offered extremely convenient access to hiking and biking trails. You will also be close to the Vail Lake camping grounds where you can take your family out for a relaxing fishing trip.
In Temecula Wine Country there are numerous options available to you for growing your own vineyard. We just sold a vineyard estate to a client who moved from a SoCal beach community to retire and grow his own wine in the heart of SoCal’s best wine-growing mecca. Trust me when I tell you that growing your own wine is an absolute possibility if you’re living in SoCal now.
And because it is now affordable to own prime wine-growing land in SoCal you should call or get in touch with me to learn more about your options could be.
Imagine growing your own wine, spending time on the beach, hiking up mountains, and camping by a glassy-looking lake, all in the space of a weekend. That is the possibility of moving here, but also why you want to look at other options in California too because they are out there and just as affordable.
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